When you start your own affiliate program with MYAP v9 – here’s what you get:


MYAP v9 is affiliate tracking and management software delivered through an ASP model. This means that the software sits on our servers, and you and your affiliates log in to view reports, manage links and control your accounts.

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Complete Affiliate Ownership

Unlike many other affiliate tracking and management solutions, MYAP v9 gives you complete control and ownership of your affiliate relationships. You’ll have direct access to your affiliates, their data and their contact information – no need to go through us to negotiate a special deal or to phone, mail or email your affiliates.

Network Exposure

Although you own the affiliate relationships, we’ll still assist you in finding affiliates, training them and supporting them through the Kolimbo Open Network. We’ll create a listing for your program in the network and promote the launch of your program in our newsletters and within the network.

Hands-Free Integration

Our software will need to communicate with your shopping cart, lead forms and other pages on your website. We’ll implement a few small pieces of code that will allow your site to send information about affiliate-referred clicks, leads, sales and other activities to your MYAP software.

Branded Affiliate Experience

The login area for your affiliates will be found at a branded domain – like Whether they login to view reports, get more linking material or ask a question, everything that your affiliates see will be branded with your company name, information and logo.

Ongoing Support and Service

MYAP v9 is backed by live, personalized support. You’ll have phone and email access to our staff of technicians to help learn how to use your software, trouble-shoot issues and create special links and reports for affiliates. You will also have an account manager who will be available to help you make the most of your software and your relationships with your affiliates while keeping you informed of updates and opportunities available to you.


MYAP v9 is available at a licensing fee starting at $2495 and ongoing monthly fees based on the sales conversions tracked by the software.

Available Outsourced Management Services

Our team of affiliate marketing experts can take the reigns on your affiliate program and handle everything from setup and launch through to complete strategy creation and execution. This advanced service level is appropriate for high volume retail and B2B merchants.”

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