The MyAP Pro Package includes our "White-Glove" service and our Award-Winning technology. With this package, you'll receive our hands-free setup services of the MyAP affiliate software, our Kolimbo Network launch services and all of the technology pieces you need to run your own program.

Hands Free Setup

  • Completely hands-free technical integration: Our experienced technicians will implement the MyAP tracking code on your site and ordering system or forms
  • Completely hands-free marketing integration: Our marketing team will create a "Join Our Affiliate Program" area for your website including FAQ's, an affiliate agreement and customized information about your program
  • Completely hands-free interface customization: We'll customize each piece of the affiliate software interface and the automated email messages (like "You've made a sale") with your company and program information
  • Completely hands-free upload and categorization of links: We'll upload all of your affiliate banners, text links, datafeeds and other marketing materials. We'll neatly categorize them, making it easy for affiliates to find and use them

Hands Free Program Launch

  • Kolimbo Network Listing: We'll create a listing in our network for your program. We'll come up with the content of the listing and customize it with your logo to showcase your program in a way that we know affiliates will find appealing
  • Kolimbo Network Announcement: We'll send an email to our Kolimbo affiliates highlighting ONLY your program. Affiliates will see details on your program and can join directly from the email with a click of a button.

Kolimbo Open Network Benefits

  • Affiliate Ownership: You own the relationship between you and your affiliates. That means you can structure the relationship any way you'd like - and change it at any time you'd like without our consent. Ownership also means that you have complete access to all of your affiliates' information - including contact names, email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses.
  • Kolimbo Scorecard: You'll receive a Kolimbo Scorecard on each affiliate that joins your program. The Scorecard will offer you information on the affiliate like: whois registry details on the domain they submitted to you, keywords found at that domain, external links at the domain, their rating in the network and any red flags that the affiliate may have - like spam or fraud complaints from other MyAP merchants

MyAP Exclusives

  • Cross Channel Tracking and Reporting: New with MYAP v9, you can easily track and report on the impressions, clicks, sales and other activities generated by any and all of your marketing efforts – including affiliates, paid ad placements, paid search and natural search
  • Cookie Trail Tracking and Reporting: MYAP v9 will show you every point of contact a visitor has had with your various marketing channels before making the sale. Traditionally affiliate tracking solutions simply tell you the first or the last affiliate to refer the visitor to your site and credit that affiliate for the sale. But, with MYAP v9, you’ll see it all.
  • Unique Customization: We can customize the software to accommodate your unique needs
  • Click Fraud Protected Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs: MYAP v9 is protected by the same patent-pending click fraud detection technology that powers the ValidClick paid search network. This means that you can reward affiliates based on clicks, without the fear of paying for fraudulent clicks. Click here for more information

Fully branded solution

  • Branded Domain: Your program will be hosted at a private, branded domain - like abcaffiliates.com. This is where your affiliates will login and view their stats and where all of the scripts for your program will point.
  • Branded Affiliate Interface: When logging in to check their stats and grab new linking materials, your affiliates will see your logo, messages from your affiliate manager and information that you’d like to share with them. They’ll feel right at home – and continuously receive exposure to your brand.

powerful tracking, reporting and management tools

  • Seamless, Universal Ecommerce Integration Options:  We provide you with a customized, automated process to integrate your ecommerce system with MYAP v9
  • First Party Cookies: As long as your ordering system allows for it, we can setup first party cookies (opposed to third party cookies) to track the affiliate-referred activity at your site
  • Pay Per Anything You Choose: You'll be able to pay affiliates for sales, clicks, leads, downloads or anything else you can think of. You can choose one action or several - and assign a specific commission rate to each. You'll even be able to edit that commission rate per affiliate
  • Advanced Reward Structures – Completely Automated: With MYAP v9, your advanced reward structures can be completely automated. Set thresholds and MYAP v9 will automatically change affiliate’s commissions once they reach them. Upload your SKUs and offer affiliates different commissions for each SKU purchased.
  • Automated Batch Processes: We'll create special forms and processes for you to automate the upload of sales, sale confirmations and chargebacks or declined transactions
  • SKU-Based Integration: If you have a SKU-based ordering system, we'll customize the software to work with your system.
  • Complete Reporting via Web, Email, PDF or Export: MYAP v9’s reports, filters, usabiity, and deli very options  will knock your socks off.  Receive your reports online via the interface, easy to generate and easy to read. You'll be able to see reports detailing each and every activity referred by your affiliates Autodeliver…
  • Easy to Use Tools: Everything is spelled out for you on the administration screen. Want to add affiliate links? Click "Add Affiliate Links" and follow the instructions. Want to find a particular affiliate? Type that affiliate's name, ID or email address into the search box to find them
  • Easy and automated communication tools… Effectively communicate to your affiliates via personalized, targeted messaging that can be triggered by certain events, affiliate activity and status, or other business rules.
  • Check Cutting Service: We will send the commission checks to your affilaites for you. Simply run your commission report at the end of the month, send the total due to Kowabunga via Wire Transfer or a Check, and we will cut and mail all the checks out for you.

unlimited linking options

  • Unlimited Creatives: You can offer your affiliates banners, text, HTML, Flash and any other types of materials to help them best promote your products and services. There is no limit to the type or the number of options you can make available to them
  • Datafeeds and XML Feeds: We'll make it easy for you to offer your affiliates datafeeds and XML feeds to showcase your products on their websites
  • Direct Linking: You'll be able to offer your well-ranked, good affiliates direct links to your site to help boost your search engine link popularity
  • Code-Free Linking: Your affiliates can link directly to your domain without using any special coding in the URL. All they need to do is register their domain with the software.

affiliate tools and training

  • Affiliate Administration Tools: MyAP gives your affiliates everything they need as well. They'll have an easy sign up form, instructions on linking to your site in an email and in their administration area plus an easy way to find and retrieve new links.
  • Affiliate Training Center: Affiliates can learn more about affiliate marketing and internet marketing in your complete, regularly updated Affiliate Training Center. It’s filled with articles, tips and resources to help them be better affiliates for you.

Plenty of Hosting Space

  • Hosting Space: You'll have 50 gigs of space on our servers where you can store your affiliate banners

The Service & Support You've Come to Expect from KowaBunga!

  • Dedicated Customer Service: You'll have a dedicated Account Manager to call with any question or issue
  • Live Technical Support: You'll have access to our technical support team via email and phone for answers to your technical questions
  • Free Affiliate Support: Affiliates who join your program can receive free (to you an them) support through our Kolimbo Network

A Price Point that Makes Sense

  • Small Setup Fee: There is a small, one time, setup fee
  • No Hidden Fees: We don't charge extra for support or minor customizations
  • Fast Track to a Positive ROI: ALL of the setup work is completed for you by our experienced trained technicians and marketing professionals. They'll get your program up and running in a reasonable amount of time, which means you'll see an ROI quicker than you would if you tried to do it on your own.
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