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Shawn Collins Consulting

Shawn Collins

"MyAP is more than a product to me. It's a relationship. Back in late 2001, I was converting a program from Be Free to MyAP, and I had concerns about being able to get the same reporting as I was used to with Be Free. When I first touched base with the KowaBunga folks, I looked at MyAP as a budget affiliate solution. This view was quickly dispensed after my first conversation with Rachel Honoway.

As I brought up the various requirements I had, Rachel explained how MyAP measured up. My findings were that MyAP had everything I needed, plus a feature I coveted: 2 tier tracking.

Over time, MyAP released more tools and features that literally revolutionized the way I managed affiliate programs. The smart behavior of their e-mail tool, Opt-in Pro, enabled me to automate affiliate targeting based on their level of activity and achieve percentages of active affiliates previously unthinkable.

When they were conceiving version 8.0 (note - I think that was the version), I was contacted to ask what sort of features I wanted to see added into the upcoming version. I handed over a long wish list, and to the letter, these requests became reality.

The service, whether it be on the business or technical side, has always been top notch and quick. If I ever had an issue, I could always expect a quick response. Many times, I've sent a non-urgent technical query over a weekend or late at night, and after the 5th or 6th time, I was no longer dumbfounded when I got a quick solution returned to me before the next business day.

Rather than think to myself, that's impressive or that's unprecedented, I finally realized... That's KowaBunga.

The responsiveness of the KowaBunga team has always impressed me, and their innovation has changed the face of the industry."

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